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Below are many reviews from our previous patients. You can also visit our Facebook page to see even more reviews from previous patients.  We have many repeat patients, and referrals from happy, satisfied past patients of our facility.


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Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is the specialty within medicine that focuses on enhancing an individual's physical appearance. Through a variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures, cosmetic surgery aims to improve features that may be deemed unattractive or undesirable by the individual. These procedures can range from minor enhancements, such as Botox® injections and facelifts, to major surgeries like breast augmentation and liposuction. The ultimate goal of cosmetic surgery is to help individuals feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Hola Dr Aldo!

Donna here; Mark and I had surgery this week.  I just wanted to personally thank you for the great care you gave us during our stay.  I’m so impressed I’m considering getting my breast augmentation, tummy tuck and liposuction done by you.  I’m supposed to have it done in the states; but now thinking of flying back to Cozumel.   Thank you for your time. 

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Great Botox experience

My wife and I were on vacation in Cozumel.  She suggested I get Botox for the wrinkles around my eyes.  At first I thought she was crazy, I don't need Botox! We entered Rejuvenation Clinic.  The office staff spoke English and were very professional.  The office was extremely clean with an ocean view.  Dr. Aldo  was very knowledgeable and explained the procedure in English.  He showed me the box containing Botox and explained its origins from the manufacturer, Allergan.

I was extremely comfortable having him do the procedure.  Dr. Aldo Diosdado is a aesthetic surgeon who performs breast implants, tummy tucks, skin removal and other procedures. I was very happy with my experience.

Exceeds your expectations

From the moment you enter the clinic you feel that you've made the right decision. Greeted by a professional staff that are there to help you throughout the procedure and Dr. Aldo is extremely talented.  If your serious about making a few adjustments while away on vacation I highly recommend the Rejuvenation Clinic.

Call Jerry and he'll take care of your scheduling needs.

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No worries here

Had Botox injections by Dr. Aldo last week, could not have been more pleased. Very clean clinic, very professional staff. I am thinking of going back to have upper eyelid surgery.


Today I had a liposuction fat transfer…I had my crows feet around my eyes, lines around my nose and lips done, Botox and juvederm….I’m very please…the staff was very sweet and kind! The doctor was wonderful….I was a tad nervous as this was my very first procedure outside of the US…however I’m pleased anx will definitely be back. Thank you so very much👄

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I highly recommend Dr. Aldo! He explained everything about my situation and I agreed with him totally! He actually has fixed something that I had done in the States with a well known plastic surgeon. I love my results. I will be visiting him again! A person could not get a nicer staff as well. Thank you Dr. Aldo for making my vacation and feeling better about myself! I give him 5 stars!



I had lip fillers done on 19 January. The doctor was brilliant and helped me receive the results I wanted. I would recommend them for lips!

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