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Surgical Procedures

Below is discussion of some, but not all of the procedures and treatments offered by the Rejuvenation Clinic.  If your desired procedure is not mentioned, please check with us.  It is impossible for us to list every possible surgical procedure here.




Wrinkles and lines are caused by many factors. The major factor is the reduction and alteration of the natural collagen support layer beneath the skin, and atrophy of facial fat caused by natural aging and sometimes by weight loss.  At the Rejuvenation Clinic, we use a minor surgical technique to remove these wrinkles and lines, utilizing the patient’s own fat tissue, that is removed through a minor liposuction procedure.  The results are effective and demonstrate enhanced improvement.  This procedure is done with local anesthesia.  There is no down time associated with this procedure and complications are very rare.  After local anesthesia is injected, two tiny bilateral incisions are made around the corners of the mouth.  Then, the patient’s own fat tissue is inserted with a surgical canula to improve and minimize the appearance of these wrinkles. The results are very long lasting.





There are many patients who wish to have a fuller, rounder buttock area.  This procedure is performed with local anesthesia.  Fat tissue is removed from the patient using a liposuction procedure.  Then, this fat tissue is inserted into the buttock areas in a predetermined fashion, as discussed by our surgeon and the patient to achieve the patient’s goals.




Also known as abdominal etching or liposculpture, this is a very popular procedure that thins the layer of outer abdominal fat in key areas to create a more chiseled appearance.  During the “Ab etching” surgical procedure,  the surgeon suctions out the fat around your abdominal muscular structure and then sculpts the abdomen along the natural contours of the abdominal muscles.




An eyebrow lift is a procedure that raises your eyebrow to a higher and more aesthetic position. This procedure can also be done in an office setting with local anesthesia.  An eyebrow lift differs from a forehead lift, which is an entirely different procedure.  The eyebrow lift procedure involves the surgeon making two bilateral small incisions at the upper eyebrow line of each eyebrow.  Then, the skin is slightly lifted and tightened.  Any excess skin is removed and the small incisions are sutured closed with a subdermal technique.  The sub-dermal technique offers the most aesthetic closure possible. Keep in mind, however, that an eyebrow lift will not improve puffy eyes or crows feet. Puffy eyes or crows feet are best treated with an eyelid surgical procedure (blepharoplasty) as well as less invasive wrinkle treatments as recommended by your Rejuvenation Clinic physician.



BLEPHAROPLASTY (eyelid lift)

An eyelid lift is a very long lasting procedure that will enhance your appearance and help build your confidence without altering your facial structure. The procedure involves the removal of excess skin and the underlying fatty tissue of the eyelids.  The procedure is especially helpful for older patients whose vision might be affected from sagging of the eyelid tissue.  However, the procedure dramatically improves droopy eyelids for patients of all ages. Many patients have benefited from this the surgery at a young age.  The procedure is effective in helping to maintain a youthful , fresher and more "awake" look.  Blepharoplasty may be done in an office setting.  After your initial evaluation, the surgeon will determine the optimal location for the bilateral incision on the eyelid.  The excess skin will then be removed. In closing the incision, our skilled surgeon will utilize a very special technique to minimize the appearance of this incision.  Over time, any indication of the incision from the procedure will be naturally be hidden in the crease of your eye.  The results create a discrete look.  It is unlikely that anyone will notice or have any idea that the procedure was performed.


The type of breast implant makes it possible to customize an implant to a woman’s breast shape and body type for a more natural and aesthetic look.  Breast augmentation surgery can be done for a number of reasons, including correction of small breasts, to balance the size of an uneven breast or to regain fullness of the breast that might be lost due to pregnancy and aging.  Whatever the reason being, there are numerous techniques that may be implemented, depending on the patient’s body type, along with our doctor’s recommendation.  In some cases, breast augmentation is complemented with a breast lift to better achieve these aesthetic goals.  Once the incision is made, the surgeon will carefully create a pocket beneath the breast tissue or in some cases the chest muscle and insert the breast implant.  After the procedure, patient will be bandaged and dressed, and will need to use a special support bra that is worn for a few weeks, as this will aid in healing.  Postoperative discomfort is managed with pain medication. Postoperative patients are monitored closely and given subsequent consultations after this procedure which includes removal of stitches.

Our surgeon prefers to use Mentor implants.  Mentor is highly regarded, manufacturing  some of the finest breast implants available in the medical profession.



There are many factors that can cause a woman’s breast to lose youthful volume.  Whether it be weight loss, pregnancy, aging or simply the natural shape of your breast that can cause a patient’s dissatisfaction, a breast lift can restore a more youthful appearance and help restore a woman’s confidence.  Women with moderate to severe sagging may need to undergo a breast lift.  After initial consultation with the cosmetic surgeon, the surgeon will determine the optimal breast surgery technique for you based on your anatomical features.  After the incisions are made, the surgeon will remove any excess skin and lift the breast tissue to a more aesthetic position, repositioning the nipple to its new location.  As with breast enlargement, patients are bandaged and given a special support bra and recovery instructions are very similar.  Discomfort and pain are managed with medication. If you would like to learn more about breast lift surgeries, make an appointment to see our cosmetic surgeon, or contact us for any further questions.



In some cases where diet and exercise are just not enough to get rid of excess fat and skin from the midsection, tummy tuck surgery may be the answer for you.  Abdominoplasty is a procedure where not only excess fat and skin are removed from the abdominal section but also abdominal muscles are tightened to give a flatter appearance.  If you have recently had dramatic weight loss and are at your goal weight, or if you have given birth creating this situation and thereby creating your dissatisfaction, you might be a good candidate for this procedure.  During the procedure, incisions are made horizontally across the lower abdomen.  The scar incision is made as farther down as possible to hide the incision with underwear or swimsuit bottoms.  Excess fat is removed and the surgeon tightens the abdominal muscles and secures them in their new position. Another incision is made to allow the belly button to me moved.  Excess skin is removed and the incision is sutured closed.  In some cases, if you have little skin to be removed, as in a “small pouch”, you might be a candidate for a partial abdominoplasty.  In this case, the original position of your belly button will remain intact, as well as your abdominal muscles.The surgeon studies and determines the areas with excess skin that when removed, will provide the optimal results for the patient.  Additional procedures, such as liposuction or breast surgery can be done at this time.  Whatever the technique that is chosen for your particular case, you will be fitted in an elastic compression garment that must be worn for a few weeks and pain medication will be prescribed to aid in any discomfort.  Post surgical consultations and regular follow up continues throughout your recuperation.



Liposuction is a way to enhance results of fitness regimens and diet, and should not be used as a weight loss method in and of itself.  A good candidate for liposuction are those who are healthy and seeking to remove small amounts of fat from almost any part of the body, the most popular being abdomen, waist, arms, chin neck and thighs.  Tumescent liposuction is a method where saline solution and anesthetic are delivered to the area targeted for liposuction via injection.  This solution will aid doctors in the removal of fat cells with minimal bleeding and without damage to surrounding tissue.  After the procedure, bandages are applied to incision sites and a compression garment must be worn for a few weeks.  This garment helps the skin adhere to the treated area.  Any discomfort can be treated with pain medication.  Any bruising and swelling will diminish with time and will greatly depend on the specific area treated, the fat tissue removed and the patients individual healing process.

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