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Our Team

Our patients and clients can enjoy total confidence, knowing that every treatment, procedure or surgery is professionally administered by our highly trained, specialized, certified physicians and our technicians.  Our doctors are all MDs, certified specialists and experienced aesthetic medicine experts.

Dr. Santana Kelley was born and raised in San Diego, California. She grew up in a bilingual, bi-cultural household. In her early teens, she visited Guadalajara and became enamored with the city.  She, in fact, relocated and began her education in this location.  At an early age, she already knew that she had the goal of being a doctor.  Always an outstanding student, she was accepted to the University of Guadalajara medical school, where she concluded her degree as a medical doctor.  Over the course of her career, she has provided services at the regional military hospital in Guadalajara, with invaluable hands-on training.  Her training and schooling included providing medical services in the indigenous region of Mezquitic, Jalisco for 1 year, providing even more hands-on training and unique experiences as a physician.  She and her family relocated to Cozumel in 2006, where she initiated working at a local private hospital.  Her accomplishments include being appointed international medical coordinator for a local private hospital.  She has significant experience providing medical services for cruise ship passengers, cruise ship crew members, tourists and local people in Cozumel.  She has had involvement and experience aiding in medical evacuation as well.  Her goal has always been to provide an honest, caring commitment to help tourists who are away from home, as well as a strong dedication to care for the local people.  After being a doctor for some time, she followed her dream, as she always had an inclination to specialize in the aesthetic aspect of medicine.  So, she proceeded with postgraduate studies at the Institute of Higher Studies in Medicine, receiving education and training in her specialization, achieving her goal of being an aesthetic medicine specialist.  Attending this institute of higher studies in medicine was invigorating for her as she continues with ongoing training in aesthetic medicine. She is enthusiastic and proud to be part of the physician team at the Rejuvenation Clinic.  She is an integral part of Cozumel’s most innovative, state of the art clinic.  A truly dedicated physician, she strives for patient satisfaction beyond their expectations.

Academic training


Aesthetic Medicine Specialist

Institute of Higher Studies in Medicine

Member of the Surgery and Medical Aesthetic College CE/11/188

Ced. Prof: 4668754

Autonomous University of Guadalajara

Debora Karina Santana Kelley MD
Aldo Giovanni Diosdado Jaime MD

Honorary member of the Mexican Board of Aesthetic Surgery

State Representative of the Mexican Board of Aesthetic Surgery in Quintana Roo

President of the Congress of Aesthetic Surgeons for the State of Quintana Roo

Master in cosmetic surgery

Mexican Institute of Higher Studies in Medicine

Certified Aesthetic Surgeon CE/11/188

Member of the Surgery and Medical Aesthetic College

Ced. Prof: 4668780

Ced Specialist: 7084589

Autonomous University of Guadalajara

Dr. Diosdado was born and raised in Guadalajara.  He comes from a long time military family, giving him the opportunity to live in many places throughout Mexico.  During his youth, he realized his dream and inclination to study medicine, and be a health care professional.  He has followed his dream, studied extensively and achieved acceptance at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara where he proceeded to begin his medical training and schooling.  He provided services at a regional military hospital in Guadalajara for 1 year, providing him with experience involving a vast array of patients and treatments. His studies and experiences continued in other locations, such as in the indigenous region of Mezquitic, in the state of Jalisco for 1 year.  His experience included working in the emergency room department at a private clinic.  Always a perfectionist, he proceeded with his dream of specializing in aesthetic medicine and becoming an aesthetic surgeon.  He initiated studies in cosmetic surgery at the Institute of Higher Studies in Medicine, where he concluded his specialty and received the degree as a master of cosmetic surgery.  He and his family moved to Cozumel in 2006.He is highly respected amongst his piers and others in the medical profession, and is currently serving as the President of the Congress of Aesthetic Surgeons for the State of Quintana Roo.

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